Bible Alive! Tuesday: Candy Cane Jesus and a Manger Muffin Tin Meal

Christmas isn't Christmas without reading...
...this story to my Kindergarten/1st grade class.
(A retelling of Luke 2:1-20)

After reading this story,
the kiddos got to work on a
Candy Cane Jesus ornament...

(I was inspired by THIS post and THIS post
to create this ornament.)


To get prepped for class,
I cut out...
...several "j"'s using my Cricut...
...and used painter's tape to make strip making
easier for the kiddos.

(Thank you Valerie for your
Candy Cane Painting inspiration!)

The kiddos then used red tempera paint
to cover the "j"'s.

I finally passed out the glue
and baby Jesus pieces,
which enabled the kiddos to get creative...

I then punched holes and added string to the
making then Christmas Tree ready.


Another fun activity I did for the kiddos this week
to get us into the Christmas Spirit
was create a...
...Manger Muffin Tin Meal.
There were manger pieces...
(pretzel sticks)
...the Star which led the Wise Men...
(star shaped marshmallow in berry sauce)
(hot dog wrapped in a croissant)
...and the Baby Jesus in a bed of straw.
(mini hot dog wrapped in a croissant
on top of some corn)

Perhaps it a little weird to eat the
Baby Jesus,
but I still think this meal
makes the Bible come Alive!


Pleas link up below
any fun ways you have made the Bible Alive!
for your kiddos this week....


  1. What great ideas, and thanks for the link! Looks like the kiddos had a great time, and the muffin tin meal looks too good to eat!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! xoxo

  2. I love your J candy cane Jesus. Super cute!

  3. Those turned out great! Would you believe I've misplaced all of my Christmas Arch books!?! I probably put them somewhere together, where they'd be "easy" to find.

  4. Your muffin tin looks wonderful. I bet they loved it. The candy canes looks great too.

    Please think about linking this post to Read.Explore.Learn.on my blog.