stART: A Box of Friends

Now that the Wyngate Playgroup
has finished rehearsals
(and I have my garage back),
I will be hosting a
"stART Night"
every Thursday evening
for our neighborhood kiddos.

(7pm throughout the rest
of the summer-
feel free to stop by, y'all!)

For our first story, I read...
A Box of Friends
by Pam Ryan.

It's a story about a young girl who has just moved
to a new town,
and is feeling lonely.

Her grandmother cheers her up by sharing her
"box of friends" with the granddaughter.
This box contains different mementos,
such as a feather and a stone,
which remind the grandmother of certain friends.


We have a family in the 'hood that is moving
out of state next week,
and I thought this book would be useful
for the kiddos,
sense all of have known this family
for two years or more.

After I read the book,
I told the kiddos that they were
going to make a
"box of friends" for the family's children
who are leaving next week.

Their box of friends will contain
a little bit more of a literal translation of the title,
because the kiddos each made...
...a clothespin version of themselves for the box.

We used
Let's Make Clothespin Dolls
for inspiration and tips.

Supplies we used during this craft included:

Wooden clothespins and bases
Craft glue/hot glue
Colored duct tape
Paint pens
Permanent markers


We began the clothespin dolls
by giving them arms...
We did this by trying a knot at
either end of a piece of yarn
(for the hands)...
Put a dab of craft glue
in the center of the yarn......

and slide it up the clothespin... create yarn arms.

Use fabric, glue, duct tape, fabric markers, etc... create different outfits and faces
for the clothespin dolls.

To create hair out of yarn...
...the kiddos made "V's" with their fingers...
...and wrapped them with yarn.

To complete the wigs,
the kiddos then tied pieces of yarn
around the wrapped yarn
and trim the yarn accordingly.
The kiddos worked hard...
..and had a lot of fun... recreate themselves!

(This is Jungle Girl-
please note her tiny glasses...)
(Baby Girl's clothespin doll
had a bow to match her outfit...)
(Little Wild Man's doll
definitely sported his hair...)
What a sweet crew...

For more fun with books and art,
head on over and visit stART!


  1. The Box of Friends sounds like an awesome book. Having a neighborhood evening of stART sounds wondeful. The clothes pin dolls came out great.

  2. What a kind thing to do for the children moving away!

  3. Oh they are just too cute!

    I am late joining in the stroll so I thought I would join the TOS Crew Blog Walk and drop by and visit your lovely blog this week.

  4. I love the idea of a box of friends...... Hmmmmm, how long before we do this.

  5. How WONDERFUL to host a neighbourhood stART project!! That is so lovely of you. And i LOVE the children's cloth pegs. All so individual and different! Fantastic!!

    Maggy, red ted art
    PS I run a monthly Get Crafty carnival, if you fancy taking part pop over to Red Ted Art and leave a comment under the Get Crafty tab! July's them will be "Summer" - in the broadest possible sense.

  6. LOVE those dolls...what a creative idea! And how neat to host a stART neighborhood project. Your neighbors are going to love it, I know I would.

    catching up on my stART comments.