Year of Kindness: The Kindness Ninja

Have you ever noticed that showing kindness
to the people we live with
can often be one of the hardest tasks around?

Since this is "The Year of Kindness"
in The Fantastic Five household,
I decided I needed to be proactive-
and get creative-
and find ways to encourage between our family members.

...the Kindness Ninja.

Inspired by THIS post over on
Here We Are Together,
I fashioned up a Ninja for our household
out of a peg doll,
'cause I do not crochet like that.

The Kindness Ninja was introduced into our home
one morning at breakfast time.
He came bearing gifts of cinnamon rolls.

While the kiddos ate, I explained that this Ninja
would be living in our house this year.

Anyone is welcome to complete an act of kindness
for someone else in the house-
such as doing someone else's chores
or leaving an encouraging note-
and then leave the Ninja at the location
of the Kindness Act.

The Ninja will then be placed back on my  desk,
ready to go back into service
for the next act of kindness.
During our breakfast, I also introduced
the new devotional study
we will be doing together in 2015...

I love this study because there is a version for all of us-
Adult, Teen, Tween, and Child!

And it didn't take too long for the Ninja to see
some action after our breakfast...
A few days later, both Super Dad and I received notes
from the Ninja-
so sweet!
He has also cleaned the entire bathroom
for the girls
(aka Their brother did their bathroom chores
for them).

Can't wait to see what he accomplishes throughout the year!

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