Elf on the Shelf 2013 Adventures: Days 25-27

Day 25:

Safety in Stockings
When we arrived home,
we discovered that our sweet pups
had opened one of the Christmas gifts underneath
the tree,
as well as distributed a healthy amount of muddy foot prints
all over the place.

It apparently rained A LOT while we were gone!

So the elves sought protection in the stockings
for the evening...

Later that day,
after a bit of clean up and unpacking,
we all headed to Dollywood... spend the evening looking a the lights
and soaking in as much Christmas Spirit as we could
with our friends, the Nussbaums!


Day 26:
(Christmas Eve)

Gingerbread Men Decorating
Christmas Eve Service

Three of the Nussbaum kiddos
came home with us the night before,
so JJ continued his visit with us.
He and the other elves planned a little
Gingerbread Christmas Eve Surprise
for the kiddos that morning...

After reading 
"Gingerbread Baby"
and putting on a few silly puppet performances
(imagine MUCH laughter and shouting)...
...the kiddos each decorated their own Gingerbread Man.
We met back up with the rest of the Nussbaum clan
at church that evening... celebrate THE meaning behind all
of the Christmas fun.
Before the kiddos went to bed,
they helped set out some sweet treats for Santa.

*happy sigh*


Day 27:

Christmas Day!!!

Chess and Jolly stuck around to watch the kiddos
open their gifts Christmas morning,
but then they flew back to the North Pole
not long after the morning's festivities.

It was a CRAZY Christmas season
with our elves this year-
can't wait to see what they have
up their sleeves this season!!!


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  1. It was lovely. Here's hoping this year is just as cozy, crazy, calm, and beautiful.