Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Rock Snacks

Remember how I promised, 
to post about how we
"ate up"
information on different rock forms?

I have FINALLY decided to get around to that!


In THIS post,
I showed how the kiddos and I used the
unit study to create different models
of the three basic rock formations:

To solidify all that we learned about rock formations,
we also created some tasty snack
with our
Lemonhead Homeschool Group,
using ideas/recipes from the

Since our Lemonhead friends are allergic to gluten,
we modified this recipe with
Lady J's gluten free cookies.

Also, we did not make individual models,
but rather one big model
to share.

And in case you wanted to know,
here is how we demonstrated the elements
breaking down bigger rocks and sediments
as part of the making of
Sedimentary rock...
we used drumsticks.


we know what these blobs of chocolate look like-
but they still tasted yummy!

we modified this recipe and used
chocolate chips.

They did not harden as well as I would have liked,
but they still demonstrated how Igneous rocks form.


Smashing Snickers-
what could make rocks
more run than that?


Here are the finished products
of our rock making fun:

Food + Science + Friends =
Good Learning Fun!


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  1. What fun! I love science you can eat!
    You might be interested in seeing ours...

  2. Any lesson that includes chocolate is okay in my book.