Jesus is Savior!

On Wednesday and Friday
of Easter Week,
the kiddos and I... our hands dirty
while learning how
Jesus is Savior.

On Monday,
we focused on 
Jesus being King,
with the use of 
Adventures in Mommydom's

On Wednesday,
we began discussing how
Jesus is the Savior-

(I decided to use Tricia's idea from 
Wednesday's devotional, but I used a different verse,
since I wanted to keep it simple for my little ones.)

We read John 3:16
and discussed how Jesus came to die
for everyone on Earth.

After seeing the craft for the day's devotional,
I remembered a post I had pinned on my
that I thought would go beautifully
with the day's verse.

created a handprint Earth 
with her kiddos to remind them how God
sent his son for the entire world,
so I thought we would do this, too,
with a bit of tweaking...


After the kiddos painting their hands green... created the continents on their worlds...
...they pasted a John 3:16 scripture heart 
in its center.
(The idea of using a heart instead of a cross came from the
Easter Family Devotional Day 4 lesson.)
I created the heart in Word and printed it on pink paper-
you can download your own copy
by pressing HERE...


On Friday,
we continued to explore the idea of
Jesus the Savior.

(I used Day 6 of the
for this lesson.)

We read Luke 23:26-49,
and then discussed
"The Legend of the Dogwood."

Looking to my 
for inspiration,
I used Catholic Icing's version of
by printing it off her blog and reading it
to the kiddos.

Then we created...
...Dogwood magnets using


Usually i try to do so much more
with my kiddos leading up to Easter,
but this March was rough for us
due to the flu.

I am very, very thankful for all the bloggers
out there who share their creative ideas!

Without the inspiration of
I do not think I could have pulled off
ANY Christ-centered activities this year.

You guys ROCK!!!


  1. That is awesome. I saw that version on Catholic Icing as well, and thought it was pretty cool, but not viable in our Sunday School class.

  2. Love all your Easter week Christ-centered activities! The John 3:16 craft is one of my very favorite crafts we've made together. We still have our handprint worlds hanging in our kitchen as a daily reminder of God's promise of salvation.