Pompei Party

This past Friday,
August 24th,
the kiddos and I paid homage to
 a "Pompeii Party", if you will.

In fact,
Jungle Girl learned about 
this historical event this Summer
while watching an episode of Doctor Who.

it is not totally historically accurate,
but Jungle Girl does know
what Pompeii is...
You can click below to watch it yourself:


We began by going through
THIS and THIS book
to gain a greater understanding
about volcanoes.

We then dug into a
Smithsonian Volcano Kit
my mother had purchased on 

(Since it was an older kit,
the only one I can find that is similar
is THIS one.)


Using the guide in the kit...
...we learned about the different kinds of rocks
that come from a volcano.

When we looked at the Pumice stone piece,
I had the kiddos grab my big Pumice stone from
the bathroom.

We discovered,
because of the holes in the stone,
it would float.

So Little Wild Man sandwiched the stone
in the drain to try and get it to sink-
please note all the bubbles coming
out of the stone while the air in the holes
is being replaced by the water.


After we finished studying the stones...
 ...we started putting the kit together.
The kit came with a sand/plaster mixture 
that was supposed to dry to the plastic mold
to give the model a more realistic appearance.
that part didn't work to well.

(But that's OK-
'cause we were really just wanting to 
blow something up!)
A diagram/backdrop also came with the kit,
so we also went over that.
Jungle Girl also looked up images
of volcanoes on the Ipad
for us to look at.


Later in the afternoon,
when our neighborhood friends 
got home from school...
 ...we injected colored vinegar
into the baking soda compartment below
the model...
...and watched our volcano blow!

It was an explosive day!  ;0)


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  1. I had to pin this to two of my boards........ "Things that Go Boom," and "Creation to Christ," because for some reason I hadn't thought to study volcanoes with Pompeii, why didn't I?

  2. Oh, and thanks for linking up!