Bible Alive! Tuesday: October Link-Up

It's here...
...Bible Alive! Tuesday!

A monthly link-up of any creative ways you make the 
Bible come Alive! for your kiddos...


Candy Corn...
...is a STAPLE at our home during the months 
of October and November.


Now, what better way is there to make the
Bible come Alive! than by using
such a sweet 
(and beloved)
household snack?

After rustling up some old...
...candy corn craft kits,
bookmarked my Bible for 
and printed off THIS devotional thought,
we were ready for a FUN family evening devotional.

First, I read aloud the scripture,
and we discussed the roles
God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit play in our lives.

Then I read the devotional thought,
which discussed how candy corn
relates to the Trinity...
(read it- it does makes sense-
I promise...)
 ...and then we started in on the crafty 
 We had a great time...
...especially since Super Dad joined in on the fun!

 Just remember,
even though this little 
candy corn guy...
 ...looks yummy...
...we can't eat him!  ;0)


what have y'all been up to with
your kiddos?
How have you made the Bible
come Alive! this past month?

Link up your ideas below...