Bible Alive! Tuesday: I'm Back...with a Lapbook

I'm Ba-ack!

I am SO SORRY about not posting
Bible Alive! last week without
any explanation of my whereabouts.

I was "assistant-deaning" a week
of church camp,
and the camp is in the middle of the mountains,
with no internet access.

(I know, I know, I SHOULD have
set up a post to "air" while I was gone,
but I honestly was running around the week
before camp
like a chicken with my head cut off,
so it didn't happen...

Now that I am done with my excuses,
let's get to the
Bible Alive! fun...


I wanted to share the lapbook
the kiddos and I have been using
during our
"Fruit of the Spirit" Summer Bible Study...

The cover...
...is a giant pear I created out of scrapbook paper.

Inside the lapbook...
...I also created an apple out of scrapbook paper
to fill up "dead space."


When the lapbook is completely open...
...you can see the mini books we use
for each of the fruits.
You can download these booklets
by clicking HERE.
The Bible verses which I typed up to use with the kiddos
you can download by clicking HERE.


The inside of the lapbook also contains a spot...
...and a Fruit of the Spirit matching game,
which you can find by clicking HERE.


On the back of the lapbook...
...is a giant basket full of the
Fruit of the Spirit,
which is attached to the basket with Velcro.

It is just another fun way to let the kiddos
review the fruit...
You can find the fruit and the basket
by clicking HERE.


Well, I hope y'all are enjoying the
H-O-T Summer
with your kiddos-
and if you are keeping the kiddos entertained
with any fun Bible Alive! type activities,
please link 'em up below....


  1. You outdid yourself with this lapbook - thanks for the printable booklets!

  2. Totally using these for Sunday school soon. Now how can I fit this in..........

    Love it!

    Oh, and 50 lashes with a wet noodle for forgetting.

  3. Hey! I don't have permission to view those documents on Google docs!

  4. OK- I think I fixed the problem now Ticia- SO SORRY about that! Eek!

  5. LOVE this one so much I'll have to Pin(terest) it! :)


  6. beautiful!!!! thank you for sharing this!!!

  7. I love this! So cute! I want to get into more lapbooks this year since my kids are getting older. I'm saving this on Pinterest. Thanks so much for linking!

  8. Thanks for allowing others to use this lesson! Did want you to know the Bible verse for the mini book on Faithfulness has the heading Faithless instead. Thanks again! Using this tonight at church.