Bible Alive! Tuesday: Angels We Have Heard on High

Earlier this week,
I showed y'all my Sunday School classroom,
and gave a sneak peek at what we did
this past Sunday...

I read...
...this book to my Kindergarten and 1st grade kiddos.

(You can read the Biblical account of the shepherds
hearing the angels' proclamation about
the birth of Jesus by clicking

Then we made some
Peek-a-Boo, Praying, Praising Angel Ornaments
to remember this Bible story.

(My inspiration for this craft was taken
from THIS post over at
A Mommy's Adventures-
check it out-
it's SO sweet!)
The supplies we used for this craft included:

One medium sized card stock triangle
One small sized card stock triangle
One small yellow foam circle
One small pink or orange foam circle
Two tiny foam pink or orange foam circles
Piece of string
Permanent marker
Take the string and make a knot with it
to create a loop.
Tape the loop to the back
of the medium sized triangle.
Glue the small triangle to the back of the
medium sized triangle on top of the loop.
Glue the small pink circle to the small yellow circle
so that part of the yellow circle will peek out from behind
the pink circle.
Glue the circles to the top of the triangle
to create the angel's head.
Now you need to decide how you would like
to fold your angel's arms.
Praying arms? Singing arms?
An angel who likes to play peek-a-boo?
Glue the little circles on the medium triangle
to create hands for the angel.
Use a Sharpie to create a face...
...and your angel is ready to bless your tree!


The kiddos had fun making their angels...

...and decorating the classroom with them!


I would love to know what ways you
are making the Bible Alive in your home-
please link up your ideas below!



  1. I'll hopefully feel inspired to post our Bible Alive, but the post just wasn't working and I've learned not to force that.

  2. Those angels are ADORABLE! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!