Bible Alive! Tuesday: Only One Said Thank You

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner,
the kiddos and I have been learning about
those who gave thanks in the Bible.

Luke 17:11-19
tells a story about ten men whom
Jesus healed of leprosy,
but only one of the ten returned
to thank him.


We decided to make a reminder
of this man's wise decision of Thanksgiving...
...and Kathy Ross helped us out again
with a great craft.

The supplies we used included:

Tempera paint
Sponge brush
Black permanent marker

(I did not have a "flesh colored" tempera paint on hand,
so I mixed orange, white, and brown together
to get such a shade.)
Take the card-stock and fold it in half,
Paint both of your palms and fingers...

...and "stamp" them on the outside of the paper.
Next, make two fists with one finger sticking out,
paint them, and...
..."stamp" them on the inside of the paper.

After the paper has dried,
use the marker to create...
...ten men on the outside of the paper...
...and then just one man on the inside.

We have the cards taped in our windows
to remind us to thank God for all that
he does for us...


Now it's your turn!

What have YOU been doing
with the Bible this week?

Please link-up below...


  1. Terrific! I totally had this story in mind for a Bible Alive post, but couldn't come up with a good craft (I have turkeys on the brain this week).

    We have been doing a lot of concordance work - looking up verses on thankfulness. Hopefully, I'll share a few, and link in, a little later in the week :)

  2. Thank you for this craft! I will be doing this for sure! :D

  3. Thank you!!! This is perfect!!! I would have never thought about this awesome idea!!! :)