Bible Alive! Tuesday: Shine Your Light...

During our devotional time last week,
we discussed being a
"Letter from Jesus."

How we, as Christians, should live our lives
in such an attractive way
that those who do not know Christ
will want to know more about Him.

To end the week's devos,
I read...

...The Pumpkin patch Parable
Liz Curtis Higgs.

This story is about a farmer (who represents God)
who grows all kinds of pumpkins (that would be us!).

After raising the pumpkins,
he digs out their pulp and seeds
(representative of our sin),
so he can transform them into
beautiful lit up pumpkins-

"Pumpkins" that show the light of the Father
to a dark world in need...

"In the same way, you should be a light for other people.
Live so that they will see the good things you do.
Live so that they will praise
your Father in heaven."
(Matthew 5:16)


We created a fun reminder
to be a
"Pumpkin Light" for the world,
based on
Ramblings of a Crazy Woman's
"The Changing Jack-O-Lantern".
The supplies we used for this craft included:

Two small paper plates
Orange tempera paint
Brass fastener

Begin the craft by cutting the rim off of
one of the paper plates.
Color this circle in a bright pattern with the markers.
With the other paper plate,
cut out eyes and a mouth for the pumpkins.
Paint the face of the pumpkin with orange tempera paint.

After the pumpkin face has dried,
use the brass fastener...
...to attach the colorful circle to the back of the face.
Now you have a colorful changing pumpkin face...
...to help you shine your light!


So, in what ways have you been teaching about
THE light this week?

Link 'em up below!


  1. How cool! I'm reading this to a playgroup on Friday.

  2. It looks like a good book. I love your craft after too. We read from a kid's devotional at dinner and I just need to get my act together to extend the lessons! You're motivating me...

  3. I love the message of that book! And very cute craft.

  4. I love your Bible Alive linkup! We're going to start Godly Play to integrate our Catholic teachings with our Montessori homeschooling. :) I'll be sure to link up next week when we start. :)