Science Sunday: Simple Circuits

Our last science activity for the week
involved creating a simple circuit
with batteries...
We used the
Ein-O's Electricity Science:
Light Circuits Box Kit

for our exploration.

First, we checked out the items in the kit......including these magnets.

The kiddos enjoyed seeing how
the north and south poles
attracted and repelled each other...

Then, following the
NOT SO STELLAR directions,
I put together a simple circuit...

(SERIOUSLY, whoever wrote the directions
needs a class in technical writing...)

Despite the lack of direction...
...I was able to piece together a simple circuit...
...that ACTUALLY worked!
Say YAHOO for
for electricity!

For more Science fun,
head on over to Science Sunday...


  1. so I am a total sucker for experiments with electrical circuits. Those were my favorite ones in middle school science. Really, who doesn't love creating your own game board that can light up a light bulb?

  2. This is perfect! I'm hoping to do a similar activity with Emily soon, as she has shown interest in this sort of thing. Looks like fun!