The Trinity Snowman

My dear friend gave our family a wonderful basket full of goodies at Christmas.

One of the goodies she put together for the kiddos was snowman kits along with this poem:
Being the resourceful (ahem, CHEAP) homeschooling mother that I am,
I with held these items from the kiddos until this past week.
They worked PERFECTLY into our snow themed activities,
AND were our Bible lesson on Thursday!
After we read the poem and discussed it,
we opened up the kits
(which included these instructions)
and got to work!

Each kit contained the following items:
One large Styrofoam ball
One medium Styrofoam ball
One small Styrofoam ball
A white circle of card stock
3 toothpicks
A piece of thin ribbon
1 black button
1 small black pom pom
6 cotton balls

*All we had to use to complete our snowmen was
some glue and permanent markers.
First, we used two of the toothpicks to put together the body...
Next, we poked the last toothpick
through the middle section to make the arms...

Then, we flattened the bottom of the snowmen a bit
and glued them onto the card stock circle...
Using permanent markers, the kiddos gave their snowmen
some facial personality and added some buttons...

Finally, the kiddos used the glue to secure
their snowmen's scarves (ribbon)
and hats (button w/ pom pom on top)...
There you have it!
We now have some "whiter than snow"-men
ready to cheerfully greet our guests at the door!

(Thank you Miss Anna!)


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