It's a Snow Day!

Today in our Homeschool, it was a SNOW DAY!!!
Down here in K-town, we don't get a ton of snow.

But when we do, the city likes to shut down.
(I know my friends form the great white North love to tease us about this, but when you live near the mountains and the back roads are as crooked as dog's hind leg, it's OK to shut down for a bit!)

So, since school was canceled in our local district, we canceled school here today too!
(TRUST ME, trying to have school when the neighborhood kiddos are out and about is NOT WORTH IT!)

We didn't get enough snow to sled in on the hills, but we still found a way to have some fun!
When you can't use the grassy hills, use the concrete ones instead!
(With parents on the sidelines shouting,"Car! Move to the side of the road!")

As the sledding fun lingered, I pulled out the BIG GUNS...
(or spray bottles, as the case may be)!

I saw this idea on Frugal Family Fun and IMMEDIATELY went to the Dollar Tree to purchase some spray bottles- and started praying for some snow!

I then took the spray bottles, put a few drops of food coloring in each and mixed in some warm water and...

Snow Painting is born!

(Our neighborhood goof ball, eating the "yellow snow"- that girl makes me giggle!)

(Very, ummmmm, creative?)


  1. Ha Ha!!! I love it! What a fun, fun, fun day!! Thank you so much for the link. I'm so happy you did this!

  2. I have to tell you that my parents took the same picture of me--clad in my Wonder Woman Under-roos when I was the same exact age!

    Seriously, that outfit made me feel like a superstar.

    Happy 2010 to my Wonder Woman-soul sista and her gorgeous family!