Jesus is King! (Palm Sunday Donkey Craft)

Palm Sunday was a couple of weeks ago.

Easter has come and gone.

But is there ever a time to 
NOT focus on the idea of 
Jesus as the King and the Savior?

I don't think so.

I am going ahead and posting about how my family used
Adventures in Mommydom's
as we prepared our hearts for Easter 2013.

(We only did the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday lessons,
so in this post I will be focusing on 
Monday's lesson...)


After reading and discussing
with the kiddos,
I focused the kiddos on how the crowds proclaimed,
"Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!"
during his triumphant entry 
into Jerusalem.

"Jesus is King"
was the main idea I wanted them to take away
from this scripture passage.

Since Jesus rode a donkey 
into Jerusalem for his triumphant entry,
we used Tricia's idea and made
clothespin donkeys as a reminder that
Jesus is King.


...I used Tricia's donkey pattern
and traced it onto some brown cardstock.

(I wish I had some brown foam, but I didn't,
and the cardstock actually worked better than I thought
it would.)

To give each donkey a tail...
...I punched a hole in the cut out's back end.

...I took a long piece of brown yarn
and folded so I had four layers of yarn.
After pulling the yarn through the hole...
...and tying it...
...I trimmed the ends to finish up the tail.

(I gave each of the kiddos a cut out with a tail
already on it,
and they created the rest of the donkey's parts.)

After the tail was in place...
...we used Tricia's pattern as a guide
to draw on the donkey's facial features,
and glued on googly eyes
to give our donkeys some added dimension.
Using pre-cut pieces of yarn,
we then glues on manes
for each donkey.

Each donkey needed some type of
blanket for Jesus to sit on...
...which I pre-cut for the kiddos out of felt.
The kiddos glued on the felt pieces 
to "saddle" their donkeys,
which left the donkeys in need of just one last feature...
The kiddos decorated the clothes pins
with markers...
...clipped them into place,
and the donkeys were ready for the King!
The kiddos had a good time creating the donkeys...

...and their final products were pretty Savior worthy,
in my humble opinion...  :0)

I will show you the crafts we created
to remember that
Jesus is our Savior...

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  1. They look super cute, I love them. Much better than the super simple version I set up.