Knights and Princesses Preschool

During the week that
Prince George was born,
and my daughters acquired a
I decided that we had been called to
journey on a quest...

A quest for knowledge...
...about Knights and Princesses.

Here are some of the activities
we found ourselves doing during that week...


Princess Graphing
Instead of gluing together the die
included for the game,
I just cut them out and put them into my

We kept track of the Princesses the kiddos rolled
by using a set of Disney Princess stamps
I found at The Dollar Tree.

(The stamping itself proved to be an excellent activity 
for the tot I watch-
she will be 2 in September.)


"Off on a Quest!"
We used Playmobil Knights for our game pieces...


K is for Knight Tracer Page
Other Pre-Writing Pages


Counting the Crown Jewels
After looking at the number written on the foam crown,
the kiddos would added that certain number of jewels 
for counting practice.
This counting activity was completed by
the 3 year old Puppy Prince,
with the help of the 7 year old
Little Wild Man.


Princess and Knight


Royal Color Activities


Tracing Sheets and Opposite Pages


Princess Poetry
Royal Puppets
The Knight puppet set
was included in the
...but I had to create my own Princess puppets,
by copying some of the images in the 


Crown and Pretty Princess
The foam crowns I found at
The Dollar Tree...
...and the kiddos used stickers and markers
to decorate them.
(They are TOTALLY the Queen and King
of the Prom, right?)  ;0)
These foam princess pieces
I have had leftover
since one of Baby Girl's birthday parties
years ago...


All of the kiddos made a
Knight Collage,
based on 
THIS idea I saw on Pinterest.

Instead of using just aluminum foil,
I also pre-cut the body parts
out of a leftover Mylar balloon...

I would recommend just using foil- 
the balloon material rolls up easily,
making it harder to glue. 


In lieu of an Explorer Box for this unit...
...I just brought our Playmobil castle in
from the garage,
along with our giant Knight's horse and unicorn.
Our castle set its similar to THIS one...
...but apparently the kiddos thought our king needed some
of today's modern conveniences in his castle.
I mean, what mid-evil castle DOESN'T have
a speedboat parked next to the horse drawn carriage?  ;0)


During Science time,
the kiddos were completing a kit called the
Project Genius Light
from EEME.

(A review on this project will be coming up 
on my blog very soon...)

Since electricity would certainly seem like
magic back in the days of yore...
...I gave the kiddos all "magic wands" from
The Dollar Tree
(which I jazzed up with Washi tape)
to add a little fun to the task at hand.



An outdoor activity from the week
that my male kiddos
especially enjoyed was...
...playing with these inflatable swords 
I found at Target's Dollar Spot.
And amazingly enough,
no one lost an eye
during playtime...


foodie fun is a MUST
for a week like this!

We had a couple of different pizzas
in honor of the royals...

I must say,
I LOVE it when themed learning just kinda
drops into my lap 
and we choose to run with it-
one of the many joys of homeschooling!


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  1. The pizza is just too cute!! What a great idea!

  2. Oh that pizza is way too FUN! You did SO much and looks like ya'll had a GREAT time! Stopping by from Preschool Corner.